Office of the VP for Student Life

Resources for managers of student employees

Student Life prioritizes the student employee experience as being about more than a paycheck. We hope students have a professional, educational and rewarding experience when working with us. For students to get the most out of their employment, we must prepare and equip managers to do their best work.

The Career & Internship Center has a page of resources for Managers of On-Campus Student Employees.  Topics include:

  • Post a Job on Handshake
  • Recruit Student Employees
  • Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit
  • UW  HR Student Employee Policies
  • Hiring International Students
  • Hire Work Study Students
  • Manage Student Employees
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Employer Education Webinars

UW HR also has a page on Student Employment.  Topics include:

  • About Student Employment
  • Time Off & Leave Policies
  • Work Policies for Student Employees
  • Getting Started as a New Student Employee
  • Finding Student Employment
  • Resources for Student Employees
  • Resources for Managers of Student Employees

The Career & Internship Center hosts a page geared towards students.  Their Campus Jobs page addresses:

  • What is on-campus student employment?
  • What are some potential benefits of an on-campus student job?
  • How do I find an on-campus job?
  • What if I have a Work Study Award as part of my federal or state financial aid package?
  • How do I prepare materials for an on-campus job application?
  • What if I have questions about student employment?


Many of the existing resources emanated from the Student Employee Experience Committee, which was hosted by the Division of Student Life circa 2014.