Office of the VP for Student Life

Resources for hiring professional staff at the UW

This toolkit was created in an effort to enhance the ability of departments to recruit, hire, and onboard new professional staff.

Below is a collection of general guidance, tips and tricks, best practices, timelines, and templates designed to help UW teams and hiring managers effectively hire for professional staff positions.


In addition to the tools and information on this page, here are some general resources from around the University that may help in your hiring efforts:

Hiring process

The hiring process can take a few months from start to finish. Below is an overview of each step of the process.

Hiring process overview

Additional hiring resources

Building a job description

Public-facing job descriptions can and should look much different than the Professional Staff Position Description form that the UW Compensation office requires. They should be shorter, include active language, and serve as more of an advertisement for the general scope of the position rather than an all-encompassing task list.

Job description template

Sample job descriptions

Application/resume review process and tips

Having a sound and documented methodology for reviewing candidates is crucial. Below are some tips and guidance, as well as some sample scoring rubrics.

Application/resume review

Sample scoring rubrics

Communicating with candidates

Below are email templates for communicating with candidates at each step of the process. These are intended to offer guidance and sample language while leaving room for flexibility so that they can be adapted to fit the hiring managers’ style of communication.

Key considerations

Email templates: Defining top group for initial screenings

Email templates: Candidate in-person interviews

Interview process and scheduling

There are many key considerations to keep in mind as you design the timeline and components of your interview process.

Key considerations

Interview scheduling samples