The following staff within the Division of Student Life have volunteered to engage in critical work pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The volunteers on the Equity Action Plan Task Force will be developing a comprehensive equity action plan that aligns with Divisional and institutional values, supports an equitable experience for all staff members, results in effective recruitment, and retention of a diverse staff, and provides for opportunities to increased cultural competency. The Equity Action Plan Task Force will deliver initial recommendations in summer of 2021.

The volunteers for the “Quick Delivery” Project Team will be facilitating opportunities for Divisional staff to engage in learning activities focused on equity and inclusion. Their work is referred to as “quick delivery” projects since these learning opportunities will occur over the next few months and serve as either a starting point or to augment other professional and personal learning. The Quick Delivery Project Team will provide programmatic offerings starting in winter quarter 2021.

We are grateful to these talented team members for their willingness to share their time and skills to these important projects.

Volunteers for the Equity Action Plan Task Force

Ben Meoz, Assistant Director for North Campus and Diversity Initiatives (HFS, Residential Life)

Erica Barton, Manager for Organizational Learning and Development (HFS, Human Resources)

Jon Torres, Student Care Coordinator (LiveWell)

Allison Spooner, Administrative Assistant Supervisor (HFS, Desk Services)

Giancarlo Provo, Program Coordinator (Recreation)

Adiam Tesfay, Director (Disability Resources for Students)

Andrea Salazar-Nunez, Psychologist (Counseling Center)

Elizabeth Lewis, Director (Community Standards & Student Conduct)

Volunteers for the Quick Delivery Project Team

Victoria Adams, Crime Victim Advocate (UWPD)

Allison Spooner, Administrative Assistant Supervisor (HFS, Desk Services)

Ashlee Norris, Operations and Accounts Manager (HFS-Student Services)

Amanda Myhre, Coordinator, Student Care (LiveWell)

Dan Poux, Career Coach (Career & Internship Center)

Kowan Russell, Access Coordinator (Disability Resources for Students)

Alexander Shappie, Psychologist (Counseling Center)

Yuxin Sun, Psychologist (Counseling Center)

Taylor Church, Associate Director for Facilities, Operations & Special Projects (Husky Union Building)

Tessa Achevarra, Program Coordinator (Husky Union Building)

Sharon Green, Program Coordinator (Office of Special Programs)

Andrea Salazar-Nunez, Psychologist (Counseling Center)