Office of the VP for Student Life

Deceased Student Notices

Student Deaths

In the sad and unfortunate event of a death that occurs while a student is enrolled at the University of Washington, the Office of the Vice President for Student Life serves as the campus’ official point of notification.  Once notified of a student’s passing, the office will begin to work with family, faculty, and staff to resolve the university related affairs of the deceased.  Often there is a need for emotional support among the family, friends and classmates of the student and in collaboration with colleagues in the Counseling Center the office is able to provide a tailored response appropriate to the student’s relationships on campus.

If you have a notification or a question please contact us via email or call 206-543-4972.


How should I respond?

Following a student death or tragic accident, staff and faculty, especially those who directly worked with or supported a student, may find themselves needing to respond to in-person, email, or phone requests from students or community members, or to social media chatter faster than a response is available from central university administration.

To support you in times when you need to respond to such requests, the following language has been developed for you to utilize:

It can be hard to hear about difficult situations in our community. Please know that support resources are available at the UW during the week – the Counseling Center or Hall Health provide a safe and confidential place to process any reactions you may be having.  Contact information can be found here. In addition, UW has recently launched a new drop in program, Let’s Talk, that allows you to connect with experienced counselors without an appointment during walk-in hours at two sites on campus.