Student Care Team

The Student Care Team is an interdisciplinary group of professionals who meet regularly to discuss, assess, and when necessary, intervene in situations involving students exhibiting  concerning behaviors. The Student Care Team works to identify students of concern who may be: 1) in need of immediate assistance or support; 2) causing a disruption to the living and learning environment; or 3) a danger to themselves or others. The Student Care Team coordinates responses to situations and students as they arise.

Submitting a Care Report

The Care Report is a user-friendly portal that faculty and staff can use to make a referral to the Student Care Team. The Care Report is an appropriate option if you have concerns about a student or situation but are unsure how to respond, who to contact, and/or you would benefit from consultation on how to support a student or respond to a classroom situation. Care Reports are typically processed by team members during normal business hours.

Reasons to submit a Care Report (includes but not limited to):

  • Concern for student’s well-being
  • Significant change in student’s behavior
  • Disruptive behaviors of learning, living, or work environment
  • A noticeable change from socially appropriate behavior
  • Disclosing distressing life circumstances (e.g., finances, family or relationship)
  • Withdrawal from usual social interactions
  • Significant decline in personal hygiene
  • Substance use/abuse
  • Severe homesickness

Student Care Team standard follow-up:

  • Assess a student’s well-being in terms of emotional, social, economic, familial, or medical issues that are affecting day-to-day living
  • Explore contextual issues affecting students performance
  • Respond in a caring, compassionate manner
  • Provide consultation
  • Make referrals to academic, social, and emotional support services

Care Report Form`

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call SafeCampus?

If you have a concern about violence, suicidal ideation or sexual assault or sexual misconduct, or would like to speak with someone right now or outside of business hours, please call SafeCampus. Professionals trained in threat assessment, crisis response, and fear de-escalation are available 24/7 at (206) 685-SAFE (7233).

Who can fill out a Care Report and/or contact the Student Care Team?

Anyone (e.g., faculty, staff, parents and students) who has concerns about the well-being or safety of a student.

What can I expect when I fill out a Care Report?

Knowledge that your concern(s) about a student’s well-being will be addressed; a timely response when follow-up is requested; and private consultation and guidance regarding your concern(s).

What should I do if someone reports sexual assault or sexual misconduct?

Title IX situations include, sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, or sexual exploitation. In these instances, call SafeCampus to report disclosures of these behaviors to get the concerned parties connected to confidential resources.

Will someone notify me about actions taken?

Yes, if you would like follow-up, please indicate on the Care Report if you would like a representative from the Student Care Team to contact you.

Does FERPA prevent me from talking to you?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. “Education records” are “those records, files documents, and other materials which 1) contain information directly related to a student; and 2) are maintained by an educational institution. (20 U.S.C. § 1232g(a)(4)(A); 34 CFR § 99.3). Generally speaking, FERPA allows you to disclose information from education records, including personally identifiable information from education records (e.g., student’s name or student ID number) to members of the Student Care Team because there is a business need to know and members of the Student Care Team regularly have access to this type of information in the course of doing their jobs.

Who is on the Student Care Team?

The core Student Care Team is made up of representatives from the following offices: Community Standards & Student Conduct, the Counseling Center, Disability Resources for Students, Hall Health Mental Health Clinic, Health & Wellness, the Office of the Vice President for Student Life, Residential Life, SafeCampus, Undergraduate Academic Affairs and UWPD.